Installing the Hypervisual embed code on your homepage manually

(If your theme supports the new Shopify Homepage builder, you don't need these instructions. Instead, read this.)

We're very happy to set the embed code up for you in your homepage template -- just ask.

But if you'd like to install the embed code in your theme yourself, follow these instructions:

First, create a new Hypervisual landing page and call it Frontpage (all one word). The page handle needs to be frontpage, so the address is /pages/frontpage.

Add whatever designs you want to start with.

Now open your Shopify admin, and head to Online Store > Themes. Click •••  >  Edit HTML/CSS.

Open up templates/index.liquid and add this embed code to the position in the page where you'd like the Hypervisual designs to show. Often the very top of the file works best.

{% include 'hypervisual', hypervisual_object: pages['frontpage'] %}

Save your template, then check your homepage. Updating this page will immediately update your designs on the homepage.

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