Adding a link or anchor to a different part of your page

There are two steps to adding an in-page link:

  1. Add a custom HTML block just above the part of the page you want to jump to. Paste this code in:

    <div id="link1"></div>

    This block will collapse down to a tiny bar in the editor, just big enough to click on. On your live page, it will disappear entirely.

    link1 can be changed to whatever you like, as long it has no spaces and starts with a letter. If you have multiple links like this on the same page, each will have to be different, of course.
  2. Set your button or text link up like this:

    #link1 ... replacing 'link1' with the word you chose in step 1. That's all you need -- no http:// -- just the pound sign followed by your link word.

To set up #link1 on your text, highlight the text section that you'd want as a link. You'll see an icon to add the link to. 

Click on it then add #link1 and hit enter. Click Done editing then Save.

If you have any trouble -- get in touch!

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