Entirely replacing a product page with your Hypervisual designs

As standard, Hypervisual adds designs to your theme's existing product template. Think of it like a supercharged product description. We install the embed code beneath your add to cart form, but this can be moved to the top of the product page if you prefer -- just ask.

However, it's also possible to entirely replace your existing product page with your Hypervisual designs -- this will make your product page work more like a landing page. You can then add a Hypervisual 'product' section to your page to enable the add to cart button.

We don't recommend this as a standard approach for all products, because third party apps like subscription product managers will usually need your product form to be set up inside your theme in order to attach to it correctly. (BOLD Subscriptions is an exception, as their development team has worked with Hypervisual to make their app work with Hypervisual product embeds -- please contact BOLD support to get this set up.)

However, this can be a really useful way of producing extraordinarily impactful product pages when your theme doesn't provide quite the look you're after. 

To switch a product to showing only your Hypervisual designs, simply edit the product in your Shopify Admin, and change the 'Theme Templates' dropdown to product.hypervisual:

You can change it back to product at any time to restore your original look.

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