Creating static content that can be placed in any template

Have you ever wanted to use Hypervisual to create a content block that would be shown on ever product page?  Or footer?  Or header?

Maybe a fancy graphic talking about your free shipping and awesome customer service.  (Who wants boring text or a small icon for each?)

If so, then you are in the right place.  

It is a two step process:

  1. Create a new hypervisual page with the elements that you want included.
  2. Instead of our typical embed code that pulls the unique design for each product or page, you use a special code that would always pull the same Hypervisual design (created in step 1) in every template where you enable it.


I want to create a small graphic for my footer.  Or a more attractive newsletter opt-in.

  1. Create a landing page called /pages/footer-hypervisual
  2. Add the design elements as desired and save it
  3. Embed this code in your footer.liquid template:
{% include 'hypervisual', hypervisual_object: pages['footer-hypervisual'] %}

Obviously footer-hypervisual can refer to any page handle.  Name it whatever you would like.  Just remember to use the correct handle in Step 3.

What if I already have a page or product design in place?
No problem.  This process will only add the new element.  It will not impact any of your other designs.

Do I need to keep /pages/footer-hypervisual published?
No.  Once you've completed the process you can unpublish the /pages/footer-hypervisual page.

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