Promoting a Version to Original

If you have created multiple Hypervisual versions on one page, you can conveniently call the non-Original version with a special link.  It also works very well with split testing.  (Example: For VWO, instead of making the changes within their editor you just tell it to use your own controlled versions for the variables being tested.)

However, there are times when you want an alternate version to become the Original.  This will make it the default shown on that page through the standard Hypervisual embed process.

This will get better over time, but for now, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Delete the current Original designs, block by block (New May 2020 - Use Tools->Clear page contents so quickly clear all content - will only impact the Original or Version that you are currently on)
  2. Select the appropriate version (that you want to promote to Original), then Tools > Backup. Copy the backup code.
  3. Select Original, go Tools > Import and paste the backup code.
  4. Save

If you want to preserve the original, first create a new version and follow these steps for moving the Original backup code to a newly created empty version.  And then follow the steps above.

If you get yourself in trouble, reach out to us and we can restore a previous state across all versions.  

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