Working with translations

If you have a multi-language store, we can add some code to enable per-language pages. This is how it works:

You create your main landing page in your main language, for example English.

Let’s say your page is called 'Questions’ and lives at /pages/questions.

To create a version in a second language, for example French, you will create a second landing page in Hypervisual, and edit the address so it shows up at /pages/questions-fr. Your page title can be fully translated. It’s only the address that matters.

For each language, you will use Tools > Copy from another page… to copy designs from the original, in this case English, then translate and save.

So you now have two pages in Hypervisual: /pages/questions and /pages/questions-fr. When your visitor has French selected and visits /pages/questions, they see the French page.

The /pages/questions-fr page is only used internally as a way to store your designs, no one visits it directly. You can set as many pages like this up as you want: just remember to add "-fr" onto the end of the page URL when translating to French. Use -hu for hungarian, -de for German, etc.

Does that make sense? Obviously you will use more pages like this so we will increase the number of pages in your plan at no cost.

Product page designs can also be translated -- for your main language, use Hypervisual as now, adding the designs to the product, e.g. /products/my-product. For e.g. French, create a page at /pages/my-product-fr (as above).

Written like this it sounds tricky, but once you get going it's quite straightforward.

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